Rex Nettleford Arts Conference/Kingston, Jamaica

Just got back from EMCART!  I presented with two very interesting writer/artists–Alecia Mckenzie and Loretta Collins Klobah.  We spoke on “Children and Art: What We Learn From Our Mothers.”  Four of my art dolls were on exhibit– “Sister Story-Ma,”  “Alva,”  “Millie Donovan,” and “Willa,” alongside my daughter’s photography.   Alecia and Loretta exhibited work alongside their daughters’ art as well.  Plenty thanks to EMCART–“growing the arts: breaking boundaries.”



Jaipur Literature Festival

JLF came to Boulder, CO this fall– a feast of local and international writers.  Great to see world literature center stage in the Rockies, and to meet so many wonderful writers.  Laura Pritchett moderated as Namita Gokhale, Hannah Nordhaus and I shared thoughts on fiction, memory and the imagination.  It was meaningful too, to share spoken word connections with Vikram Chandra, Linda Hess, Christi Merrill and Claudia Cragg.  And later, I met four very powerful women who are in the business of “raising the spirits”– Linda Hogan, Debra Magpie Earling, Lisa Jones and Elizabeth Fenn.  Thank you, Jaipur!

Let us join Junot Diaz and Edwidge Danticat in protesting the deportation of Haitians from the Dominican Republic.   Read about the June 24 rally in Miami:


So meaningful to see writers as activists.  This is a call for all of us to join forces.





The Chibok Girls

Over 200 girls are still missing in Nigeria.  It has been a whole year since the Chibok girls were abducted.

Sign a petition to help:




“Boy with a Water Gun in his Schoolbag”

You can listen to me read this story here:


Dedicated to schoolchildren everywhere.






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