Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom

In Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom the reader is taken on a journey of light, from the rural flicker of the firefly, the half-moonlight of the limbo of exile in the USA, to the sense of connectedness and arrival suggested by the image of the eight-pointed star. It is also a journey of the voice, traversing back and forth across the Atlantic and across the continents, pushing its way through word censors and voice mufflers and ending in tongues of fire.

Richly evocative... the attractiveness of this collection is much more than simple exoticism."

- Robert MacFarlane/Times Literary Supplement

"A rich and very welcome book."

- Poetry Book Society Bulletin

""Douglas understands that if we lose our stories and the stories of those who came before us, we lose our sense of who we are."

- Asheville Poetry Review
Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom

Peepal Tree Press, May 1999

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