Natural Herstory:
Voices of Jamaican Women

Marcia Douglas brings seven Jamaican women to voice in Natural Herstory, her one-woman show directed by Cecilia Pang. With their struggles of poverty, motherhood, homelessness and immigration, each woman explores what it means to tell a story, break silence and catch afire. From the Chinese Jamaican shopkeeper, Mrs. Ying, to the Rastafari empress, Sistah Vaughn, these are narratives of survival and what it means to be a woman in contemporary Jamaica.

Natural Herstory has been staged at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, CO, and produced by the Colorado Jamaica Project as a benefit for Jamaican schoolchildren.

Other venues have included the University of Colorado, Regis University, Hollins University/Roanoke, and California College of the Arts, San Francisco.

The Flamingo Tongue Dolls

This project features a series of nine dolls based on characters in the novel, Notes from a Writer's Book of Cures and Spells, and made from found objects and natural fibre.

Select dolls have been exhibited at the Rex Nettleford Arts Conference/Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (Kingston, Jamaica). They have also been featured in Art Doll Quarterly.

Doll Information:


9 1/2" x 4"

Photo Credit: Tim Riggs

Natural Herstory: Voices of Jamaican Women

Willa from The Flamingo Tongue Dolls

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